The Young Ones Trial ends Friday 31st November.

Results of the trial are here Young Ones results30th

The service is now on sale. RIC members enjoy a discount from £49 down to £40 a month or £125 down to £100 for 3 months.

The Young Ones

Over 60 points profit in trial.

This service is unusual in that it specializes in younger horses. It has impressed in a lengthy trial that was held in the Racing Investors Club and more recently in a trial to a broader audience of Sportsworld customers. Its success came as no surprise as The Young Ones is operated by Ken Emery.

Strike Rate 54.9%

If anything has impressed in the trial it is the formidable strike rate. After 107 bets and 58 winners, the strike rate is 54.2% with a level stake profit of nearly 63 points over the trial period of 7 weeks.

1 and 2 point bets

The majority of bets are to one point however about 1 out of 4 were recommended at 2 points. There have been 26 bets at 2 points and 19 of these have won. That means the strike rate on 2 point bets is 73%, quite outstanding!

Service Details

Selections will be sent by email an hour before racing starts. The number of selections will depend on the amount of racing on the day.

Some days there will be no bets, other days there could be up to 5 bets. There will be bets on the flat, A/W and National Hunt. A lot of the bets will be 2 year olds however the horses over the jumps may be a bit older.

Most bets will be 1pt. On our trial 1 bet in 4 were advised to 2 points and just 1 bet was three points. As the name suggests there will only be bets on 2yo and 3yo on the flat and A/W. The horses on the jumps may be older.

Regards Ken Emery.

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